Posted by: joetradingplace | April 6, 2015

Trading Journal

Recording all your trades helps you to look back and improve your trading. I posted last week about that. So when I talk of a trading journal i am not only talking about recording your P&L in excel, but i am talking about detailed journal where you write your thought process during the trade and then after the trade. A picture speaks a thousand words…you have the charts prior to entering the trade and then charts after the trade, this helps you to look back and see where your method has flaws.
I have attached a copy of the trading journal i use, it might look like a lot of work, but for you to be successful in trading you have to put in the work. This journal will help you a lot and it has helped me with my trading a lot. I can look back 6-7 years ago and see how I traded compared to now and see how I have evolved as a trader. Hope you will find this helpful.

(Don’t know why the other chart is not showing)

Trade Journal


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