Posted by: joetradingplace | March 12, 2015

BB trend following strategy

I am looking at eurusd and usdcad, hourly bars closing above and below BB respectively. We have been short eurusd and now there is an opportunity to add more positions, already we have made about 3% on the eurusd short, so if we add a position with only 0.5-1% risk, we have a cushion already from banked profits. Thats what trend following is about, taking advantage of the long term trend.

Eurusd trade   1. Trend is down so we are only selling

2. Bullish bar closes above BB (trigger bar)

3. Place sell limit above trigger bar


Usdcad trade   1. Trend is up so we are only buying

2. Bearish bar closes below BB (trigger bar)

3. Place buy limit below trigger bar


Thats how simple it is to trade the BB trend following strategy, just the three steps.


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