Posted by: joetradingplace | March 4, 2015

Trade updates

I have 5 trades open as shown by the charts posted previously…short eurjpy looking good, 2nd target has been reached …short aussie still not looking good, but SL hasn’t been hit…short usdjpy still in the negative, but Sl hasn’t been hit…long Cadjpy reached 1st target, SL at BE…short eurusd looking good, 1st target reached, SL at BE, 2nd target not far. Targets reached add up to 2% gain. Some followers emailed asking if I will be selling something on this strategy…and the answer is No, the reason I am showing this strategy is because there is a chap I showed how to trade with this method and now he is selling/mentoring charging…and i think its not right because i showed him for free….So i have decided to show it publicly so that he won’t be able to sell it.

This is a very profitable strategy and yu will see it for yourself as we take live trades…you don’t need to be sitting on your desk all day because its traded on hourly…you could try it on other timeframes, but yu have to do your own backtesting and forward testing, because i haven’t tried it on any HT.

Green arrow shows where trade was taken and red arrows shows profit targets





Chart below is our aussie short, it still hasn’t turned in our favour, mental SL just above the red line



This is a short usdjpy, still moving against us, mental SL just above the high









  1. Hi, Joe. Oh man, I don’t really understand all those who get something for free and then sell the product on an acquired knowledge basis. What can I say it’s a real stealing.

    • Thats the world we are living in man. Too many people try to sell trading strategies, thats where the easy money is….they can’t trade.

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