Posted by: joetradingplace | May 14, 2013

Rough Weeks

Last two weeks were not good, and this week has started rough as well. Looking at price and the trend trading method we use, the results are to be expected…a trend following method struggles in a choppy sideways price action, but as long as we keep cutting our losses, we will recover the losses. That’s when proper money management comes into play and keeps out of trouble. If you are over leveraged or risk more than you can chew, you will struggle more compared to traders who use proper MM.

We took long Audchf, and has been stopped out for a full loss…we are also short eurusd from 1.3140, 1st and 2nd trg reached…SL moved to lock in 60 pips.

Todays Total = -360 pips

Weeks Total = -360 pips


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