Posted by: joetradingplace | May 2, 2013

Weekly Update

The week started very slow for us, taking full losses on 2 trades (-480 pips). But all this has just been turned over now by long Gbpaud which has just reached our final target @ 600 pips. Thats what we always talk about, letting your profits run, it pays off in the end, The 2 full losses we took this week are easily dwarfed by the final target on Gbpaud. Taking three lots per trade means that the 2 losses had 6 lots, but the losses on 6 lots has just been covered by the gain on 1 lot…shows the importance of letting your profits run. The Gbpaud trade taken on 12th of April has a total of 900 pips…1st target was 100 pips, 2nd target was 200 pips and final target was 600 pips.

We also took a long on Eurnzd and it reached 1st target yesterday @150 pips, we have moved stop loss to breakeven.

Todays Total = 600 pips

Weeks Total = +430 pips


gbpaud 11-04 before


gbpaud 11-04 after





  1. Hi Joe,

    why are you talking of 2 full losses this week ? to my knowledge we just took 1 full stop and 1 partial stop (eurusd -210 pips & eurnzd -30 pips). This means I missed one trade or you are doing wrong counts. Can you please check and let me know ?




  2. Will chesk emails, there was a short Euraud from 1.2620…Lucky to you if you have missed a loss…lol

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