Posted by: joetradingplace | May 2, 2013

Thought of the Day

We need other people to lose so that we can have their money…sound cruel but true… Kev Jones

[11:11:12] Joe Tradingplace: especially teaching PA
[11:11:30] Kev Jones: Its the hardest, but the only way that really works
[11:11:38] Kev Jones: In my opinion
[11:11:42] Kev Jones: of course
[11:11:54] Joe Tradingplace: if it was that simple everyone will be doing it
[11:12:08] Kev Jones: And making a fortune
[11:12:12] Kev Jones: lol
[11:12:16] Joe Tradingplace: and the market will be in efficient
[11:12:23] Kev Jones: Very true
[11:12:34] Kev Jones: We need people to lose
[11:12:42] Kev Jones: so we can have there money!!
[11:12:43] Kev Jones: LOL
[11:12:50] Kev Jones: Cruel I know
[11:12:53] Joe Tradingplace: LOL
[11:12:54] Kev Jones: but true
[11:12:59] Joe Tradingplace: sound cruel but true
[11:13:04] Kev Jones: it is



  1. Pliz Dont send Kev hate emails…lol

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