Posted by: joetradingplace | April 15, 2013

Intelligent buying/selling

How do big banks and hedge funds make money in trading? They make money by fooling the public…so if you want to be successful you have to hold on to the tails of these big traders…everytime they buy and sell, they leave footprints. You just have to follow their footprints. Learn how to identify intelligent buying and selling…and learn to distinguish them from short covering or long covering….thats where a lot of the public get caught and trapped.



  1. How do we follow their footprints and identify intelligent buying and selling? and distinguis short and long covering?

    Would love if you could expand and illustrate how that is done
    thank you

    • an advance that has a follow through is intelligent buying and an advance that dies off and reverses quickily is usually short covering.

  2. Can we know before hand, whether it will be one or the other? I’m wondering how to hold on to the tails of the big traders. If one joins the move (break-out) it could be that the advance dies off and reverses. If one doesn’t and it is followed through we’ve missed out.
    Do you wait for the follow through to be confirmed and then wait for a retracement and join that way?

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