Posted by: joetradingplace | April 5, 2013

Weekly Update

Very slow week for us, we took three trades, 2 were losers and 1 is doing ok. We took long eurusd from 1.2830, but we were stopped out for half the initial risk, he then tried to position ourselves before the news and took another long at the same price because we were convinced that eurusd was going to bounce off 1.2800 handle, but again were stopped out for a full loss.

We are short Audchf from 0.9880, 1st and 2nd targets has been reached and we have moved stop loss order on last position to lock in 100 pips.

Trade breakdown….Trade 1, was long eurusd stopped out for -90 pips , trade 2, long eurusd again at same level stopped out for a full loss -180 pips , trade 3 was short Audchf +300 pips


eurusd 03-04 before


eurusd 03-04 after


audchf 03-04


audchf 03-04 after



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