Posted by: joetradingplace | April 2, 2013

Last Weeks results

We have done ok in the first quarter…some weeks have been very slow, but we managed to cut our losses quick. Last week of the quarter was the worst week where we lost 1.67 percent. We had two full losses, long Gbpaud was stopped out for -420 pips, Eurusd was not filled on our platform, but some of our members were filled and were stopped out for a full loss -150 pips…we then took a long gbpaud from 1.4490 and has reached first target, we have stop loss at BE waiting for 2nd and final targets.

Total = -490 pips (-1.67 percent)(for members who had eurusd filled)

Total = -340 pips (-0.67 percent) (Eurusd not filled)

Because of the mixed results, we always take the worst result to record in our trading perfomance. We take one for the team.


Weeks total = -490 pips (-1.67 percent)


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