Posted by: joetradingplace | March 21, 2013

Weekly Update

Last week we didnt get a setup at all, so there were no trades….not new to us, we had gone with no trades for 2-3 weeks. Patience and discipline to stick to your trading method pays off in the end…you can avoid over trading or trying to force trades. If we dont get a setup, we dont trade SIMPLE. …. NO SETUP…NO TRADE.

Today was the first day we had setups since last week….we are currently long gbpaud from 1.4600…this trade is not looking good, but we stick to the plan. We took a short on eurjpy and gbpjpy this morning…1st and 2nd target has been reached short eurjpy at +80 pips (0.33 percent) and +160 pips (0.66 percent) respectively. 1st target has been reached on short gbpjpy at +90 pips (0.33 percent), stop loss order of last 2 orders has been moved to entry point.

Todays Total = +330 pips (1.32 percent)


eurjpy results 21-03


gbpjpy results 21-03



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