Posted by: joetradingplace | March 7, 2013

Long gbpjpy and Eurnzd

Very slow week as we said in the previous post, but we are doing ok as long as we don’t lose very big. We keep working on minimising losses and letting profits run…this is the recipe to successful trading. If we manage to get out with small scratches in a slow week we are doing ok.  Euraud trade has been stopped out at BE on last 2 orders, we took a short on eurusd, but we managed to reduce our risk by more than 80 percent… We took two trades this morning, long gbpjpy and eurnzd…1st targets has been reached on these trades at 110 pips and 80 pips respectively, we have now moved SL orders on 2 remaining orders to entry point.

Todays Total = 145 pips

Weeks Total = 50 pips


gbpjpy 07-03

Eurnzd Before

Audchf 06-03 before


Eurnzd After

Eurnzd 06-03 after




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