Posted by: joetradingplace | January 25, 2013

Weekly Wrap UP

Another slow week for trend traders, but we managed to escape with just a small scratch. We had three trades, short gbpjpy reached 1st target at +120 pips (+0.25 percent), but some of our members were lucky to get 2nd target, making a total of 480 pips (1.00 percent) , short euraud was stopped out for half the initial risk at -165 pips (-0.50 percent) and short eurnzd was stopped out at breakeven.

So this week, our total loss is = -45 pips (-0.25 percent)…and the lucky members who stayed in gbpjpy short are in profit with +435pips (+0.91 percent).  A total loss of 0.25 percent for a swing trader is a drop in the ocean, just 1st target of one trade can cover for that, so nothing much to worry, its cost of doing business. We are trend traders and we usually have small scratches when the markets are not trending. Cutting our losses in sideways markets is what keeps us above water every month.


Weeks total = -45 pips (-0.25 percent)



  1. Hi I would like to know if the eur/aud trade that was stopped out for -165 pips was it minus 165 pips x 3 positions + minus 495 pips in total or was itt minus 55 pips per position x3 positions = 165 pips loss.Your clarification would be greatly appreciated. Regards Teressa

    • it was -55 pips x 3

      check on F.A.Q
      How do you calculate pips gain/loss?
      We trade in multiples of 3…if we take a trade with a 30 pip stop loss, our loss is -90 pips…but if the trade is a winner and reach our targets at +30, +60 and +120…total pips gained will be 30+60+120 = 210 pips. We don’t scale into a trade…all the 3 orders are placed at once at the same entry level.

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