Posted by: joetradingplace | January 7, 2013

Trading Signals

If you are looking for quick scalp trades, you are at the wrong place. Our trading methods are mainly swing trading, so we usually have wide stop losses and high profit targets. We hold trades for days or even weeks, so you must have the patience to keep holding trades and also the patience to wait for setups. We recommend all our clients to risk less than 1 percent per trade, so you have to adjust your trading size accordingly. We trade 7 currency pairs, so we recommend clients to risk 6 percent or less on all the open trades…again you have to adjust your trading size accordingly.

All clients paying quarterly are saving 10 percent and they also get the following quarter for FREE if we have a losing quarter.

We are fulltime traders, so we trade the same signals we sent our clients, we walk the walk. So when you have a losing week, you are not alone, we will be losing as well. So that’s why we are very picky on our trades because we are risking our own accounts as well.

We value the business of our clients, so all members who will mirror our trades for 12 months will automatically qualify for our mentoring program. The reason we do this is because we will be taking on traders who had mirrored our trades and they have the discipline and patience required to follow our methods. We will screen our students rigorously and only pick students who share the same passion for the markets as our team of traders. Our mentoring program will be completely different from the rest, we will invite students into our office, and they will watch over the shoulders of experienced traders trading live accounts.


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