Posted by: joetradingplace | September 11, 2012

No Setup…No Trade

Is it me or the market is boring…I had only one trade this month and we are already in the middle of the month….very slow month for me. A lot of traders try to force trades when the markets are quiet, they think that if you are a fulltime trader you have to trade everyday. You only trade when you find a setup that is in your trading plan….No setup No trade. I don’t care even if the market moves 1000 pips without me…if i didn’t have a setup to be in the trade It doesn’t bother me at all. You can’t be in every move…yu miss some and you get some, that’s the nature of trading.



  1. So true Joe. Im not seeing much at the moment either. These were the times I reckon I used to get myself in a lot of trouble trying to find something that isnt there. Thats why everyone always says patience is crucial. Something Ive always known but taken a while to truly learn.

  2. This is the time yu just look at the charts and walk away to do something you enjoy….no need to be stuck at your desk all day. I was just looking at my trading journal…only had about 10 trades in August, and 1 this month…looks like trades will be less than last month.

  3. Thɑnk you for sharing your thoughts. I reɑlly appreciate yߋսr efforts аnd I amm waiting for your next post thank you once again.

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