Posted by: joetradingplace | August 14, 2012

Thought of the day

Cant remember where i found this…but I use to read it every morning before I trade.

I am a professional trader. My job is to take calculated risk. If I manage my losses and let my profits run I will be successful. Because I am a professional trader, I will forgive myself easily for making mistakes and move on to new opportunities. I feel great that I have the discipline to control my emotions and the patience required to be a professional trader. I am a professional trader and I will trade fulltime from year 20xx or I will trade 5-10 standard lots by year end. I will achieve this by following my trading plan, setting achievable goals, and controlling my emotions. I am confident and believe in my own ability to be consistently profitable because I AM A PROFESSIONAL TRADER.

Note: You can type whatever goals yu have…either its trading fulltime, trading more lots, trading other peoples mny…etc


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