Posted by: joetradingplace | June 13, 2012

Thought Of The Day

Many traders confuse contentment and fulfillment with laziness and smug self-satisfaction. Out of becoming complacent, they resist the experience of contentment. As a result, traders are often not content with their progress and fall prey to frustration – and the effects of frustration on trading. You can be content with your progress to date and still be motivated to move forward. The key is setting shorter and longer-term goals, so that you can bask in satisfaction when you reach immediate objective, but still stay hungry for the larger objectives. … Brett Steenbarger



  1. Nice Post Joe, and this is the truth today. i’ve traded binary options few months ago for sometime, and understand the problems i faced when i didn’t set a goal and that has given me precious lesson.

    I’m planning to invest in forex, can u tell me what are the tools and software do you use in trading?

    • I use tradestation and MT4, if you are new to forex, there are a lot of good websites for novice traders..try, go through their school its really good

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