Posted by: joetradingplace | June 13, 2012

Audnzd Review

I had a bullish sentiment on the pair last week, but it didn’t push higher as I expected. Now guys/gals let’s get interactive here…if we were prepared to go long…WHY didnt we take the long position?. I want this to get interesting, so I want people to write reasons why we couldnt go long….and could we have gone short instead and WHERE..reasons. You can post a chart with explanations.



  1. For me there was no real solid base formed for minor S and although price did climb to major R above it was quickly rejected. On my chart where you have drawn your red minor S line, price broke thru that support which then flipped to form a base for resistance. Entry would be the break of the low of that day.

    Sorry I do not know how to post a chart.


    • Russ you are right on the money…perfect!!!

  2. Chart posted by Helen

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